I was really impressed at how fast everything came that I ordered for my lace front wig and I found it to be reasonable Read More...


Photos & Reviews

We pride ourselves in offering quality products and service. See what customers are saying about De Novo Hair!

Lace front wig guru loves De Novo Hair lace wigs!
"Well I must say when I got my Denovo Hair DEE unit in the mail I was so taken by it. I actually won DEE in a contest that was sponsored by De Novo Hair. I have worn many lace wigs that were of wonderful quality but as soon as I opened the box to Dee which was my very first virgin Malaysian remy wigs and took her out the packaging I fell in love with her. She was so much better than any other lace wig unit I had worn, the hair quality was so smooth like the hair would just melt in my hands from the touch. I will be honest I just sat on the couch and kept rubbing the hair across my face because she was so soft. Dee is one of those wigs that is just so beautiful that you dont want to do anything to her in fear of destroying her. Dee is truly a beautiful wig. I received her in 26 inches and she is just DIVINE! The lace construction was perfect! It was in no way anything like the lace on other units that I have, and baby hairs on the perimeter's front and back were perfect. It was such a Blessing to have been able to have won one of the Denovo hair Wigs. Thank You So Much Denovo!"
April, NY

Great application Lisa..you look Great!.
"I've just received my third and fourth units from DeNovo Hair and I must say that as usual I received exceptional customer service. I just love the natural relaxed texture - it is by far my favorite. This time I also ordered the regular relaxed and it was perfectly blended and the cut is very nice. Candice and the rest of the crew at DeNovo Hair are a pleasure to deal with and pay close attention to the needs of their customers. I will continue to purchase from DeNovo Hair!"
Lisa, Washington, DC

Theresa loves her new style!
"I'm in love with Galina. I've been wearing my Denovo hair exclusively, for the last month. It's my favorite. Despite having several other units this one "is me". The cut, the style the hair is all wonderful. Not a day goes by when I don't receive at least one compliment. Thanks Denovo."
Theresa, Carson, CA

Rosangela custom ordered the Sasha unit. What a great application!
"De Novo Hair gave me everything I need- beauty, elegance and a natural look. Their work is perfect! De Novo Hair is right for me!"
Rosangela, Italy

Bess ordered one of our professionally cut straight textures.
"I love my hair and have had so much fun curling and styling it in so many ways. I would recommend that anyone who is tired of the weaves to invest in these lovely hair colors and the many different sytles your company has to offer! Your product is EXCELLENT quality!!"
Bess, Texarkana, Texas

Teresa is wearing our Chloe full lace wig. She has done a full perimeter application and has achieved a natural looking part.
"I love my new unit! The hair is so natural and soft. Even after washing it, the curls sprang right back and look just as beautifully as the day I first received it. This is by far the most natural looking, well constructed unit I have ever owned. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to purchase my next one from you."
Teresa, San Diego, California, USA

Sheneika is wearing our Justine full lace wig.
"...I have received the best customer service ever from you. The lace front that I ordered from you was my first. I was researching for about a month while preparing to attend a couple of February events and as you know when I was ready to buy I did not consider the time that it takes to create a custom wig, so I had to purchase a ready to buy lace front wig and your help was wonderful. Your customer service is excellent and you always have a quick response to all of my emails and I really appreciate that. Keep up the good work!"
Sheneika, Texas, USA

Kia is wearing our Shakira full lace wig.
"I love my De Novo unit, the coloring is gorgeous and the hair texture is silky and very natural! I had never heard of De Novo before, but I took a chance and I'm quite pleased."
Kia, Maryland, USA

Autumn is wearing our Heather full lace wig.
"I love my new wig! It's perfect and it looks so natural, I can't wait to purchase another one. Your customer service is great and I always get a quick response! Keep up the good work!"
Autumn, Dallas, Texas

Look at Susan's perfect application! Who would ever think that this is a wig with that hairline?!
"I was extremely happy to meet Rita. When I received my stock unit (Rita), I found she was layered and absolutely beautiful. My "Rita" unit is so natural, realistic, soft and bouncy, that I am upset that I did not try De Novo Hair sooner. I am already shopping for a second unit so that I can always keep a De Novo Hair Unit on deck. I'm so in love with Rita, she is a real beauty! Thank you for restoring my faith in online shopping for Lace Wigs."

UPDATE: "Dear De Novo Hair, I am completely satisfied with my recent purchase of Janet and Princess. I also own Rita. These units are absolutely beautiful. The coarse textured wig, Janet is lovely, undetectable and extremely easy to manage. Princess is beautifully cut and layered. She is pretty, soft, and holds beautiful curls. I have no regrets. I highly recommend these beautiful quality units as a worthwhile investment."

Susan, Los Angeles, California

Pam picked out the Vivian style in color 3 and 8 for her custom order. Doesn't she look great!? None of her own hair is out!
"This was my first purchase of a full lace wig, and I love it! I can't wait to order another one. The hair is so soft and silky and it looks and feels so natural. I have my natural hair gelled and wrapped with a nude stocking cap and to the touch you can't tell the difference. I already played a trick and no one can tell the difference unless I tell them! And I LOVE IT! I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks De Novo!"
Pam, Paramount, California, USA

Lici shows off her new look!
"I am wearing the Claire in 4 & 10 evenly mixed. This is the first lace front wig I have purchased. I was quite pleased with my choice. I can't wait to order another one. Thanks DeNovo for your great service."

Lici, Dallas, Texas

What a natural combed out look from the Omarosa!.
"After receiving my first De Novo, I am completely hooked. The density is perfect and the hair is beautiful and easy to manage. The lace also blends perfectly for a realistic part. De Novo is my top choice!"

Patricia, Brooklyn, New York

Christina is rocking her new look!
"I bought Lola thinking I wouldn't like it because the color was lighter than I'm used to. However, I was in a hurry to go out of town. It ended up being cute and exotic which was what I was going for. It was a really good purchase and I had a blast on my cruise. I wouldn't recommend any other site."
Christina, Michigan

Karolyn is sporting our Shanell unit. Doesn't she look great!?
"Love it! Everyone thinks I look fantastic. I look 20 years younger and no coloring the grays."
Karolyn, Pittsburgh, PA

Looking great in the Jeana unit!
"I Love my lace front. I searched all over for awhile before purchasing. I'm glad I purchased from Denovo. My unit is beautiful and a hit with my fiance."
Romel, Hoover, AL

"I ordered some hair accesories and was quickly contacted by a Denovo Hair representative regarding my order. My order was promptly shippped and arrived all in one piece. I also ordered a custom wig and can't wait for it to arrive. So far, no complaints."
Kimberly, Rockford, IL

"Great site!!! Best prices that I have seen for the items order, I would have to pay an average of 25% more on other sites. Quick shipping, received my items within 3 business days."
Phyllis, Newark, NJ

"I very recently received my first ever lace wig and am both amazed and delighted by it! The quality is outstanding and the look and texture, so much like my own natural hair. It's wonderful!! So wonderful infact, that I'm about to order a 2nd one in a different colour! Thank you guys! Another satisfied customer!! :-)"
Debbie, Bristol, United Kingdom

Dania, Brooklyn, NY

"I recieved my items as described and shipping was very fast. I will shop this site again."
Dionne, Lexington, SC

"I ordered my custom units at the end of October. I took advantage of the bogo half off promotion. This is my second time ordering a custom unit from DNH. In both cases I found the website, the online chat line, and the email correspondences from Candice to be very professional, knowledgeable...and most importantly, customer focused. With this kind of service....I will be a customer for life. Thanks DNH!"
Jaye, Grand Prairie, TX

"Excellent Service and Customer Care! The unit has more than exceeded my expectations. Very fast shipping and a high quality product! I was not disappionted and can assure you that you will not be either. I cannot wait to recieve my next unit.I had been getting weaves for more than a year. It is not that I do not have hair on my head. But, as a black women, the over processing of my hair with both relaxer and color were more than I wanted to deal with at this stage of my life. The time and expense spent having the sew in's was more than I wanted to deal with at this time as well. Having discovered these wigs has literally changed my life as I can now style my hair anyway I like. Instead of been stuck with the same style for two months at a time. As well as hoping that no one would notice my sew in if the wind blew too hard. I am now able to wear my hair in a pony tail, with a middle path, with a side path, all back if I want. The styling choices are endless. Ladies a change has come!! And....Yes I am a real customer a very pleased and delighted one at that!"
Noelene, Tamba Bay, Florida

"I recently ordered the Supertape-Thin Strips,Scalp Protector,Pro-flex II tape and Pure-Citrus-Spice. I have used the Supertape-thin strips and scalp protector love them. I placed my orders on 8/15/09 and receivied on 8/17/09. I appreciate a company who stands by there word. Thanks DeNovoHair. I will order again from this site."
Karen, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Received product in excellent delivery time. Product was as advertised on website. This website offers a wide selection of quality merchandise for a very good price. I would highly recommend for other customers to use."
Peggy, New York, NY

"I just purchased my 2nd De Novo Lace Front wig and just as I felt before, I am very happy with and completely satisfied with my purchase!! Before I purchased my first wig I did a lot of research on Lace Front Wigs. . .I have Alopecia and had been very frustrated with the kinds and quality of regular wigs that were available...I, absolutely, hated them, they were all so uncomfortable and un-natural feeling and looking. Once I purchased, received and began to wear my De Novo Lace Front Lace I was estactic!!!!!! It is so natural and realistic looking, so comfortable. . .it's almost like not wearing any kind of a wig and the thing I was most concerned about...not having a hairline is no longer a concern. I now have beautiful hair!!!! THANK GOD FOR DE NOVO WIGS!!!!!!! They had the most reliable, informative, professional and reputable website that I had found during my long search in the beginning for a wig to purchase. Whatever they represent to you regarding the details for a wig. . . you can be certain that this is what you will receive!!!!!! Again, I'm so appreciative for De Novo wigs; there are not enough words to express what not having to be ashamed of my baldness, no longer suffering depression because of. . . has done for me and my self esteem. . . THANK YOU DE NOVO WIGS. . .from a forever loyal and continued customer. . ."
Stephanie J., Detroit, MI

"I purchased two units from DeNovo Hair, one in coarse relaxed and the other in the natural relaxed, I loved them so much I immediately ordered a third unit and I plan to purchase more. I was skeptical about purchasing online but Candice was so helpful. I was impressed with the customer service I received and even more impressed with the products. The prices are reasonable and because I have to wear the unit on a daily basis I am able to afford to buy more than one. You will have a customer for life. Thank you again for your outstanding service and attention to detail."
Lisa, Washington, DC

"I love this site! All of the instock items usually ship the same day or very next business day and it only takes a couple of days for me to receive."
Ruth, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"I have ordered 2 times previously from DeNovo hair. I have been extremely pleased with each. I ordered Parker and Natalie and both were so beatiful no one ever expected them to be anything but my own hair. The density was the same as my own hair so it worked out very well. I have now ordered my third unit, Regine. I needed a different style from my previous ones and tnis is the perfect one. I recommended DeNovo to many of my friends. I hope when they order they are as pleased as I am. Thank you Candace for helping me each time I contact you."
Claudia, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm so satisfied with the lace wig I received from De Novo Hair. The quality of the hair and workmanship of lace cap are fantastic. This was my first custom lace purchase and customer service was great in answering all of my questions and concerns. I look forward to making more purchases from De Novo. "
Sandra, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"As both a patient and physician, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of this company. They worked with me to create the exact custom hair prosthesis that I wanted - including placing metal "stays" in the cap, which they had not done before. They worked with my schedule and gave me the one-on-one advice and information that I needed to create the "perfect" hairpiece. As a patient, I know the difficulties of being "different". As a physician, I understand the confusion when navigating the healthcare system. De Novo Hair made both of these completely manageable. Thank you for everything! I highly, highly recommend this company for our hair care needs - whether it's alopecia, cancer therapy or cosmetic, De Novo Hair will work with you to create the perfect custom hairpiece."
Cara, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Everything arrived on time and exactly as the website said. I'm pleased. I will definitely shop with this vendor again!

Update: Thank you for your fast and friendly service. As always, I am very happy with the products.;

Regina, San Diego, CA

"The service was great!!! I placed my order without problems and received it promptly. Thank you for such problem free and quick service!;
Iris, Winston Salem, NC

"De Novo Hair is the go to source for my hair supply needs. This is my second purchase of supplies. I only have to say their service is reliable and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. I will not shop anywhere else for supplies. De Novo Hair is the Shiz Nitzs!;
Wanda, Moyie Springs, Idaho

"This was the first time I purchased anything from your site and was pleased with the product. Thank You I look forward to purchasing products from you in the near future.;
Diana, Fowler, CA

"I was really impressed at how fast everything came that I ordered for my lace front wig and I found it to be reasonable, you guys had everything that I needed, as soon as I put my lace wig on I will be sending pictures. Thank you for excellent service i will be ordering from you again."
Christy, Detroit, Michigan

"I purchased my second hair system from Denovo and it is absolutely beautiful. I love the texture of the hair and lace. I also love the hair cut. The staff provided me with excellent customer service each time I had questions or concerns; they were easily accessible. I purchased my first hair system from an individual from my area and I must say that the quality was terrible (I had no prior experience with lace wigs, and was able to detect that). I was so upset and disappointed. I suffer from alopecia and Denovo Hair has given me hope that i can achieve great looking hair! I will definitely order my next unit from them very soon!!"
Carol, Cleveland, OH

"I have used De Novo hair previously and had great results. Over the past year I switch vendors thinking I would save money resulting in spending more due to the product quality. De Novo has the best quality hair -- hands down and I would recommend them to anyone and suggest you give them a try. You will not be disappointed to say the least!"
Kelly, Minnesota

"Sent my unit in for treatment. Whatever they did worked wonders and the unit is just like new. Softer, shinier and no more tangles. Thanks DeNovo;
Donna, Middletown, NY

"This is my second time purchasing hair from DeNovo Hair. They really do have quality human Remy hair that looks and feel natural! I must say that I have never been more satisfied with the way that DeNovo treats their customers. In my first order, I did experience a minor problem. After I spoke with a rep at DeNovo,they were more than willing to do a repair service free of charge. My second order was absolutely beautiful!! I have ordered from other places before in the past and never have I received such quality of hair through the mail and superb customer service! I will never order from anywhere else. I only hope that DeNovo Hair continue to offer quality hair and customer service...I have told my friends about DeNovo and they trust my judgement. I am an attorney and my hair must look well at all times... If you doubt my testimony as a real customer, email me at {censored} and leave your phone number and I will be glad to verify this company's excellent customer service. I live in Atlanta, GA and if you live here, I will be glad to meet with you to let you see for yourself the quality and the natural undetectable results I have. This is just how satisfied I am with this company. Sincerely, PGR Atlanta, GA"
PGR, Atlanta, GA (for customer's contact, please contact us)

"My lace front unit (Jamie) arrived 3 days ago and I am very happy to say that the hair quality is superb and the unit construction is flawless. The online ordering was seamless and fast. I will be ordering again from De Novo Hair."
Denise, Virginia

"I just received my adhesives in preparation for my custom lace wig. Although I still have a few more weeks to go before I receive my custom wig, I wanted to ensure I had all the tools I needed when my wig came. Shipping of my adhesives came promptly (took less than 5 days!)and the items had been very carefully packaged. I am looking forward to getting my new lace wig. Thanks guys!"
Dania, New Jersey

"This is an outstanding unit! The hair quality is amazing and realistic. I just love that I can look like I did before my alopecia, thanks to De Novo Hair!"
Victoria, Michigan

"I never knew hair could be so simple and BEAUTIFUL all at once. And the shipping process was so easy and quick. I wash and style it as if it is my own hair and the looks and compliments I get are amazing. I intend on purchasing more styles in the future. I am so glad I found denovo!."
Krys, Sacramento, CA

"I just received my unit on today and I am so pleased with it that I had let you know. I ordered Elena and honestly, I am very with impressed with it. I was not sure if the unit would live up to my expectations, because I have purchased units from other companies in the past and was less than pleased when I received them. But the quality of the unit is very impressive. The hair feels so soft and manageable. The texture of the hair is just as it is described. It is so realistic,that when I tried it on I could not tell that it was not my own. Thanks to the sales associate that answered all of my questions. I love my unit! Can't wait to order my next one. Denovo you have just gotten a customer for life."
Krushonda, Baton Rouge, LA

"This is my second purchase with DeNovo and I am proud to say that they are still the best. I purchased Azmera and she is absolutely flawless!!! I will soon be ordering a custom unit with Virgin hair for the summer and I am sure that I will not be disappointed...DeNovo is the best!!!!"
Sharonda, Philadelphia, PA

"As I have now entered the change of life, my hair is starting to thin and fall out. I've worn extensions and it seemed to make my hair loss worse. Looking for a solution and after 3 months of research,I finally took the plunge and ordered my first LF (Addison). I cannot begin to tell you when I received her on Xmas eve. I applied with no problem and Addison and I had a very merry xmas. The quality (so soft) and realistic look was better than I expected. I received lots of comments and stares (you know, "is that her real hair?" - if someone has to question whether it is real, then it must be good quality!!) Thank you Candice and Catherine for answering my questions prior to purchase. It was a long wait (so it seemed) to receive Addison, but as the saying goes "good things come to those who wait". Thank you for the wonderful ordering experience and exceptional product! If anyone has never worn a LF unit, do your research and then order from Denovo. You won't be disappointed. I will be ordering again! Thank you!"
Norma, Akron, OH

"I just purchased my 3rd hair system from De Novo Hair (Sasha). I have always been very pleased with the texture, density and style of the system. It is by far the best on the internet...and I have purchased quit a few."
Donna, Middletown, NY

"This is my first lace wig purchase, so I was a tad bit apprehensive after placing my order but after receiving my unit I must say that I am extremely satisfied,it is just perfect and the hair is so soft, I will be placing the order for my second unit really soon."
Michelle, Laval, Quebec

"Having been a customer for over a year and purchased a total of four lace wigs...I'm still amazed each time my unit arrives. High quality hair for a reasonable price! I would truly recommend De Novo Hair to all interested parties. Being a female who suffers from female pattern baldness...thanks for making me feel like a woman again!!"
Nette, Houston, TX

"Thank you so very much. My hair is absolutely beautiful and I feel beautiful. I feel whole again. I have suffered with hair loss all of my adult life and I have tried many products out there, but De Novo Hair will be the only hair product that I use from now on. The color, perfect, just the change I needed. I am 52 and widowed since 2006, now I feel that I'm ready to start living and enjoying the rest of my life. Again, thank you so much. I have received so many wonderful compliments from friends, and people in general telling how they love my hair. I will be forwarding my photo very soon. You have truly been a blessing to me and I'm sharing your good works with all the women that I know who need and have issues with their hair and want to actually do something about their situation. I found out about you by searching the website with a hair stylist friend and I'm sure glad I did. Thanks, Alma J."
Alma, Orangeburg, SC

"I am fairly new to LFW's, but I had purchased one earlier this year and was very dissapointed with the quality and texture of the hair. I explained to the cst service rep that I really wanted an african american textured LFW and was assured that I'd be getting the best yaki textured unit they produced. Well after waiting months for this Lfw it finally came, when I opened the box and saw the hair I could've cried. The hair was super silky with big waves!!! After calling the company I was told that this was yaki and my order was right. I was furious!! I began looking for websites that showed actual black textured hair. When I finally came across denovo I was sooooo happy I didn't know what to do! Not only did they have the hair texture that I wanted they had several different african american textures to choose from, I was thrilled. I immediately called them and began to ask questions, they were very easy to talk with, answered all of my questions and I didn't feel rushed. When I received my unit from denovo it was exactly what I had ordered and I could not be more pleased!! They definately have a customer for life. My order was correct, it shipped within the time frame they said it would, and the cst service was great! I can't wait to order another one. Thanks denovo for creating Lfw's that are realistic textures for black women, Much Love."
Tasha, Lithonia, Georgia

"This is my second order through your site and comparatively your company excels matching quality and value as presented. Your Customer Service is responsive and accountable, the delivery time and confirmation follow-up minimizes risk in shipments. De Novo Hair's website gives the novice a complete understanding of options, and recommendations for a successful unit purchase and installation. Thank you for making an online purchase of this value, one of confidence and success. Thanks again."
Felicia, South Orange, NJ

"I just received my new custom order and I must say, it is so beautiful. I am very happy with the finished product. Your wigs are the best! It is exactly as I pictured and ordered. I look forward to doing more business with Denovohair. Thank you, A very satisfied and happy customer."
Rhonda, Pasadena, CA

"Sorry for taking so long to send in my comment on the Unit Michelle that I purchased...I was having some trouble with my computer. Michelle is the most Beautiful unit that I have purchased. The hair is AMAZING!!!.The entire unit was in Perfect condition,the lace is soft and impossible to detect, my family and friends could not tell until I showed them the unit when I took it off...They were amazed!!! I really want to keep Denovo to myself,but I can't be that selfish...I've seen to many people that I care about wearing shabby Lace units from other Stores and Salons...They need your help Denovo!!!.Thank You!!"
Sharonda, Philadelphia, PA

"I have bought lace cap wigs from two different merchants, but I must say that my Denovo wig is absolutely fabulous. Everyone thinks this is my own hair, mainly because of the feel and the front--it looks like it is growing out of my head. The fit was just right and the color was perfect. Thank you for making me feel beautiful."
Beverly, Washington, DC

"Hi, I purchased Aminata in July, I have lifted the color & the hair is as soft & manageable as the day I received it after a month. Minimal normal shedding. Luv it, Luv De Novo!"
Sasha, San Francisco, CA

"I ordered one of the Adhesive/Remover kits. I received it in a timely manner, the prices competitive, and the products were great! I will definitely order from De Novo Hair again! Keep up the good work!"
Tami, Merced, CA

"I am truly grateful that I stumbled upon De Novo Hair while surfing for a lace provider to replace my former provider (of which I purchased my first 2 laces). With authority I can say price was a factor in switching first. Secondly, De Novo Hair is by far unbeatable for providing prompt, courteous, professional service (Catherine) to emails, and phone correspondences. I am presently eagerly and with confidence awaiting JANICE and TANIKA, knowing I already am highly pleased. In their anticipation I have purchased and received accessory items: ENDURA BOND ADHESIVE and REMOVER; also, INVISIBOND WATERPROOF ADHESIVE, and CITRU-SPICE REMOVER. Warning: If you wear your lace 3 weeks or longer as I do, ENDURA BOND is the product for you; but, apply using a tooth pick only. It truly bonds, and is not messy. Have I said you need not check out any other LACE HAIR REPLACEMENT WEBSITES? De Novo Hair has custom and in-stock lace hair; at the best most reasonable and affordable prices; with a variety of supporting, equally affordable accessories. I won't be shopping or wasting my time checking out other lace hair websites. I've done that already. De Novo Hair I have already recommended to 2 of my sisters. They are converts, and at this writing are placing their first orders. Oh, by the way, my third De Novo Hair will be VICTORIA, and I will eventually upload pictures of each. Lastly, Thank You De Novo."
Lorene, Chicago, IL

"The customer service on this site has been absolutely amazing. Candice has replied any querries I have had within few hours despite the time difference. The unit arrived when they said it would and the quality is absolutely amazing. Still managing to fool everyone including family members who really believe that it is my own hair. I can warmly and enthusiastically recommend denovo hair to anyone out there! even if you are a first time user like me, it was simple both to order and install."
Jenny, Copenhagen, Denmark

"I just love DeNovoHair lace front wigs. I've tried ordering units from other websites only to be disappointed time and time again. After a few days the hair starts to tangle and I find myself constantly brushing which leads to lots of shedding. Needless to say, those other units don't last as long as the ones that I've ordered from Denovohair. I know when I'm wearing your lace fronts I don't have to constantly brush out tangles. The hair stays silky smooth and tangle free....even after washings. I get many stares and compliments on my hair because it looks so natural. I've bought a couple of units from Denovohair and have not been disappointed yet."
Angela, Detroit, Michigan

"I must say that I am absolutely impressed with the price and quality of hair that I received from this company. I purchased the Clarissa 18 in 4/30 it matches perfectly and looks extremely natural. I've gotten so many compliments! Once I take some pictures I will definitely be putting them up asap Thanks!!!"
Kristal, Chicago, IL

"WOW!! That's all I can say. Elena (custom order) is beautiful. I just received it today and I was very, very pleased to say the least. My mom is also thrilled about the work you guys there at De Novo have done and wants to order a unit as well. I just wanted you to know that you now have a customer for life. I will always order my units from De Novo, for now on. God Bless you and the company!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll hear from me again real soon. Take care!!!!!!!!!!"
Mary, Lakeland, FL

"I was very pleased with the hair. It looks so natural. I plan to buy more Thanks!"
Sharon, Chicago, IL

"I love my new wig! The hairline is fantastic. It is realistic and undetectable. I will be ordering another wig (or two or three) very soon!"
Jennifer, Manalapan, NJ

"Thank you for repairing my two units. Thank you for your prompt and courteous responses to my emails. You matched the colors perfectly."
Mary, Baltimore, MD

"Love the cut on my De Novo Hair unit. When I want a great styled wig that is cut...De Novo Hair is the answer."
Deborah, MS

"I received my new wig today. Gosh, it is very pretty and perfect just like I imagined it would be. I cannot wait to put in another order. Thanks so much for your help and excellent customer service."
Rhonda, Pasadena, CA

"I recently purchased the Salena unit from you. It is beautiful; the cut and color are superb, and I have received a record number of compliments on it. I am considering ordering an identical custom unit just to have as a backup!"
Patricia, Minnesota

"I love this unit(Davida custom order). Candice thanks for all of your help! =) Great customer service, great product!"
Carleigh, Bay Area, CA

"This is my first time using your product. I really love it. The Front lace wig look so natural and it is very light on my head. I liked the first wig so well that i recently ordered another one. I will be placing more orders in the future. Thank you so much! Sorry no photos to send. I don't want anyone to know I'm wearing a wig."
Joella, San Jose, CA

"I loved the hair on my unit. Silky relaxed is the best texture ever. The Hairline is awesome and so undetectable. It feels so light and never hot or itchy. I love it a million times over."
La Toya, Blue Bell, PA

"I ordered the Paula and it was wonderful! Love, love, love it. The hair looks completely natural. Worth the money."
Nikki, Brooklyn, NY

"Product works great I would really like an instruction manual on how to apply and remove my lace unit if at all possible as well as tips on how to fix a problem if one occurs (adhesive purchase)."
Amanda, Chicago, IL

"De Novo Hair is the GREATEST! They are prompt with delivery of their products and the customers are not charged for their prompt service. I have order from several different companies, but now I will only order from De Novo. I am will be posting my picture of my new lace front wig soon. I graduate with my double masters on June 22 and I will wear it there for the first time. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the superb service you supplied."
Kelly, Harvey, IL

"Very well made quality lace front, customer service excellent before & after transaction. I will most definitely buy again."
Dorothy, Sweden

"Thank you for the prompt and accurate delivery of my supplies. I have ordered from other sites where I have waited for weeks to be told the supplies are not in stock. Also, DeNovo offers more accessories for units than other sites. Thank you, De Novo Hair"
Lori, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Candice and the rest of the staff at De Novo are absolutely the best! Very patient, understanding and extremely helpful. The Katy Aftro Curly wig is beautiful. It is exactly the texture that I have been searching for. People honestly think that it is my hair. That's how perfect this hair is! I really hate to sound cliche, but I am definitely a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!"
Vikki, Maryland

"I am officially a Denovo addict!! I have the Sonya unit and the Jackie unit, and will be receiving my Eden unit in the morning. Denovo has impressed me time and time again with exceptional hair quality and outstanding customer service. I always know where to go when I need a unit FAST!! The website is phenomonal and my units have always arrived exactly as shown in the photos. Thanks so much!"
Dawn, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Dear friends from DeNovo: Just wanted to say Thank You! Within only 4 days after ordering my wig was delivered to me on the other side of the Atlantic -- that's Olympic! What a brilliant service!! And thank you also for caring to offer grey colours instead of pretending we Greys do not exist. The wig is wonderful and so natural, not a bit "wiggy", and fits like a glove. You made not my day but my year, and you won a customer for life. Thank you!!!!"
Yvonne, Germany


I am new to the "real" hair system industry. I just ordered an "Ivana" custom system. I sent in my measurements. Candice reviewed my order and questioned my measurements. She was right and kept me from making a "costly" mistake. I'll write back when Ivana arrives. Thanks De Novo!"

Update: "I just received my hair system. The color was perfect and the texture/density was just as I expected. The cap fit perfectly and the unit was the most realistic I have seen thus far. Will be ordering again real soon! "

Update: "I just received my Ivana custom wig. The color #3 with #30 highlights was excellent and the density (light) made the wig more realistic. However, I should have ordered a longer length. I will be ordering another real soon." Update: "I just received my Vivian lace hair system. It is an outstanding hair system. The density, highlights and color were exactly as I anticipated. I will be ordering again really soon."

Donna, Middletown, New York

"I'm extremely happy with my recent purchase, a replica of "Malia" a beautiful kinky straight texture. Words cannot explain how gorgeous this hair is. The texture is beyond realistic no one would guess that I�m wearing a wig, and nor would I want anyone to. The cap is so well constructed with the undetectable stretch lace. I own many units and this hairline is by far the best ever!!!! You offer not only great quality hair but superior customer service as well. I'm looking forward to my next purchase. Thank you so much!"
Jen, Long Island, New York

"A friend of mine ordered a De Novo Wig first and later told me about it. When I saw her hair I was floored. I couldn't believe how incredibly natural it looked. I ordered mine the next day! I am so excited De Novo, an incredible solution."

"Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. Thanks!"
Cerci, Bronx, New York

"I placed a custom order and am very pleased with my unit. The unit fit my head perfectly. It was my first time purchasing with De Novo and I found the customer service exceptional and there was also a very quick response time to my e-mails. There is such a wide variety of units, which I have not found anywhere else. I will definitely be purchasing another unit with De Novo very soon!"
Anthea, Toronto, Ontario

"Thank you so much for such wonderful customer service! I was truly afraid to make such a purchase on-line. I am truly happy with my purchases. The results I received from my "Brandy" unit are just like the pictures seen on your website. Your products are of the best quality."
A., California

"Hello all...I NEVER submit customer testimonials, because I often wonder if they are from "real" customers. I have purchased 5 lace wigs from other companies. Today I received my in stock Shelby lace (if she's not in stock, my lace closest resembles the custom Carmen wig)and I absolutely love, love, love my unit.The texture is wonderful. It's not shiny (which I hate and looks less natural on black women) and the hair cut is perfect, in which saved me $40 & gas by not having to go to my beautician to get it cut & styled. Ladies (or Gents..if u will) I could not be more pleased with this unit. It's wonderful. My only recommendation to the company is to get some transparent lace. I have found that to match everyone's skin tone and it not detectable at all! Thanks for reading, I just had to give credit, where credit was due!! Signed A Forever Customer....correction----> a sexy one w/ the bomb hair!! SMILE ;-)"
Char, Cleveland, Ohio

"I am extremely pleased with the quality of my lace frontal. It was everything I thought it would be and more. I will definitely be ordering frontals again in the future, but of a lesser density. They come packing more hair than you think :)) Otherwise the quality of the frontal unit is impeccable."
Cocochenille, New York, NY

"I absolutely love my Shayla wig, I get so many compliments. The customer service I received was excellent. I had many questions about the unit before I purchased and I was able to get my questions answered promptly by phone and email. Everything went smooth and wonderful. I was very pleased and I am very excited to purchase another one."
Tracey, Dayton, Ohio

"Thank you very much for your prompt turnaround with my recent purchase. The products have made all the difference in the world. I will surely refer other stylists to contact you..."
Melinda, El Paso, Texas

"I absolutely loved the Crissy lace front I bought. It was everything I expected and more. The hair is soft and healthy looking and was worth every penny. I can't wait to buy another one. You guys saved my life!!!"
Christina, Michigan

"I think De Novo Hair is great. They are fast and I will only order from them now. I tell everyone I know who wears lace fronts to shop here. This is a great company. Thanks"
Samantha, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I absolutely love the products and service I receive from De Novo Hair! Making the switch from regular wigs to full lace wigs was easy with the high quality products and excellent support from De Novo. I couldn't imagine purchasing my hair products from any where else. De Novo Hair rocks!"
Josey, Dallas, Texas

"This was my first purchase of a lace wig, and what a wonderful experience. Your service was great, when I received the product it more than met my expectations. The hair was so soft and natural. Every time I wear the piece I am complimented on how great "my" hair looks! Thank you, I will definitely be ordering again."
Nerissa, Surrey, British Columbia


"I received my product very quickly and I am very pleased with how it works (adhesive purchase)"

"This is my second full lace wig, but the first time I am actually happy with it. My former stylist purchased my first one and it was all wrong for me. I was disappointed and she lost a client. My new wig is unbelievable. It is layered and six year old daughter said mom your new hair makes you look like a star. Thank you DeNovo Hair. I really am happy and I love it."

Update: "I absolutely love my new unit. I get compliments all the time and hope to purchase another soon."

Ericka, Joliet, Illinois

"I love your site and as soon as I get some more money, I am getting another wig!! Please please please keep making in stock large wigs with 23" cir. for people like me and I will always buy different styles you have! Also your customer support is great thank you for calling back even though you were closed."
Noelle, Lawrence, Kansas

"Thank you De Novo Hair for an OUTSTANDING first wig purchase experience! As a first-time hair extension purchaser, I was very nervous about how natural my choice would look and if I would be able to apply it in the correct way. Well...all the positive comments that I have been getting tell me that my choice was a good choice! Your customer service was great and the product is beautiful! I am soooo happy with my new hair! I am about to purchase another one of your lovely hair pieces so I can change up my style from time to time, without damaging my own hair. PLUS, I will DEFINITELY be referring your products to my girlfriends!"
Dianne, Ohio, USA

""Yasmeen" is absolutely gorgeous. So nice to recieve a unit that is PERFECT in everyway. The cut, the style the hair...awesome."
Debbie, Vicksburg, Mississippi

"Your products are great!"
Lisa, Aurora, Colorado

"I have been very pleased with my De Novo wig. The hair is top quality with no tangling. I have already ordered another one, and will pretty much be making them my supplier from now on."
Carmen, Pearland, Texas

"I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE Shani!! She is the most perfect, realistic lace unit I own and I am wearing her to death! I have discovered the key to success when wearing curly units. Never put a comb any where near it. I simply spritz with water, finger-fluff and I'm on my way. I will send pics as soon as I can, but THANK YOU for being my #1 vendor!! Take care :)"
Donna, Islip, New York

"I am writing to tell you how much I love Laci. The lace is thin and undetectable all the way through. I love how the hair feels! I am very happy with my purchase!"
Kim, Chicago, Illinois

"Hello there! As someone who purchases a lot of lace front units, I'm VERY picky about vendors. Well De Novo Hair has proven themselves as an outstanding vendor with top notch customer service! I love that many of the wigs are already cut and styled.. plus they smell so delicious! The units look so realistic and not "wiggish" at all. Will continue doing business with De Novo Hair!"
Rene, Washington, DC

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that this is the best online service I've ever experienced...very efficient and excellent communications. Thank you very much. I will definitely order from you again in the future... I just received the wig this morning and I LOVE it! It looks so gorgeous...with all the elegant curls already in place...I am very glad that I came across your website--the service and the product are incredible!"
Lyn, Toronto, Canada

"I don't think I am ever going to go anywhere else for my lace wigs. I bought the Ciara and the Pearl. I especially love the Ciara, it is so beautiful, I will save the Pearl for the summer because it is a shorter style. I will be installing over the weekend. You guys are the best! I would love to buy another Ciara in the very near future. I love the way it looks so natural. Thank you for such excellent products."
Janice, San Diego, California

"I am sending this comment to let everyone know that De Novo Hair is AWESOME. My custom made full lace wig was all that I hoped for and more. I am amazed, on a daily basis, how everyone thinks that it is my natural hair. High quality hair at a low cost-this is where it is!"
Antoinette, San Antonio, Texas

"After researching many online companies that sell the lace units, I found De Novo Hair. I went through their products and did further research and reading and I felt comfortable that they would deliver the "goods" as promised. Well I am extremely happy and excited to say that I was right. Candice answered all of my questions very promptly, she was very knowledgeable and patient in answering my many concerns. Candice you are truely "The Best", thank you. I received my units (yes I ordered two at once) that's how confident I was about them, and my expectations have been surpassed. The quality of the product is superb. All of my friends and family are now interested in ordering. I am a very happy customer and will definitely be ordering another two units very soon."
Donna C., Nassau, Bahamas

"Hi, I received my new wig, I really love it!!!! THE HAIR IS SOO SILKY!!! Thanks for your fast service, I'll be buying again soon!!!!"
Denisse, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! It is beautiful, and I will take pictures and send them in. I am so thankful, because it has given me new confidence, and to just have a hairline again is beyond words. When I put it on I was close to tears because to be able to have an answer to hair loss-it is a GODsend. Thank you!!!!!"
Kellie, Portland, Oregon

"DENOVO Hair is absolutely the best! The units, products and customer service are the best by far. I would highly recommend their full lace units to anyone. If you love curly hair, like a natural look and want many first-rate curly units to choose from this is the place! As a weave wearer for 10 years I know quality hair and DENOVO has it. I have wasted so much money because there are many sites out there claiming to offer "remy" and exceptional quality hair but very few who deliver. I fell in love with my unit immediately; the hair was soft, manageable and the curls held up beautifully under extreme southern humidity. My unit is just beautiful; top notch remy hair! Candice you are definitely an expert and wonderful to work with. Fair, honest and always helpful; all my questions were answered promptly. DENOVO has a customer for life. I cannot wait to order my next unit!"
ET, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

"I just wanted to say I received my hair a few days ago, it's beautiful, more so then I ever dreamed of. It fits like a glove...It looks so real...who would ever know this is a wig? I live in Michigan & I was buying my hair from a place called *blocked out*. These people have cheated me out of a lot of money, because I was a novice in wearing lace wigs. I became more educated about them as well. Not only in wearing them but in buying too. I no longer deal this company. I do my own now... shopping on line for my hair became a breath of fresh air. Thanks to you, your prices are A one. It's not breaking my budget & I am able to afford it without worrying about robbing Peter to pay Paul. I just wanted to say Thank You So Much. I love the texture of your hair. It's so soft and beautiful. You have made a customer out of me for life! Once again, Thank You."
Patricia, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

"Thanks so much. The "Miranda" unit is more than what I expected! I will definitely be ordering from you in the future. I think I found a new home lol. Thanks Again!"
Tracey, New York, NY

"I picked up my order Saturday morning and it is terrific. The FULL lace is just that a FULL LACE (thank you). The hair is soft and beautiful. My sister wants to get one for herself. I would like to get another soon...I have been wearing for a while now and this is the best piece so far."
Skye, Maryland, USA

"I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH!. The hair is perfect, it arrived yesterday and the hair was so beautiful and soft. I'm so happy with this wig I don't know what to do it looks so real on me."
Tiffani, Maryland, USA

"My mother wanted me to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH. She loves her new hair and she looks beautiful. She is really happy with her purchase."
Tiffani, Maryland, USA

"I love love love this unit!...the hair is fabulous..I wish I had purchased my unit from you first."
Janet, Georgia, USA

"I love the wig that I won on the auction. I bought another by a different manufacturer and I was not satisfied. I am very happy with your product."
Keisha, New York, USA