The following is our procedure for requesting bangs in your custom order. Please keep in mind that we do hair cuts based on the measurements you provide on your lace wig. You may also want to consider having your bangs cut by your stylist instead. If you would like us to cut bangs for you, please take your measurements accurately:

Measurements we need for bangs:

A) From side to side over the forehead- the width of the bang

B) From front to back- from the front hairline going back; how far back would you want the bang to start?

C) The length of the bang- measure from how far back you would like the bang to start (Step B) to where it falls on your face.

D) Would you like the hair ventilated toward the face where your bangs will always fall toward the face without styling OR would you like the bangs with a freestyle ventilation (you will have to style the bangs toward your face, but you can also easily brush it out of your face)?
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