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How to Remove a Lace Wig
Removing Your Lace Wig
What You Will Need
 Applicator bottle
 Head band (optional)
  Step 1

Spray adhesive remover or apply alcohol (using a pointed applicator bottle) onto the lace where the unit is glued. OPTIONAL: Wear a head band on your forehead to catch any liquid that may drip down your face and have a towel handy to wipe your face.

Step 2

Allow time for the adhesive remover to break down the glue making it gooey. The lace should lift off your skin with the slightest tug. If the glue has not become gooey, apply more adhesive remover.
Step 3

Once you have removed the wig, remove glue from skin with adhesive remover.
Step 4

If there is glue residue on the lace, remove with the mirror slide technique.
Step 5

Wash lace unit and maintain your normal hair care regimen.