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How to Make a Head Template
How to Make a Head Template
Templates are useful for when you want your unit to match your hairline or if you need to specify the direction of hair flow.
What You Will Need
 Plastic Wrap
 Packing Tape
 Permanent Marker
 Wig cap (optional)
  Step 1

Prepare your hair exactly the way you will be wearing it under the wig. This includes you braiding or wrapping your hair and/or wearing a wig cap.

Step 2

Cover your head with several layers of plastic wrap, patting the layers together.
Step 3

Lightly apply packing tape over the plastic wrap, covering the area of the template in order to hold its form. DO NOT tape tightly else your template will shrink and will not fit.
Step 4

Mark off the outline of your hairline with a permanent marker, including marking information about your hair pattern, density choices, etc (if applicable). Apply another layer of tape over your markings. Note: Remember to mark under you ear (as shown), where your hairline actually rests.
Step 5

Trim off the excess plastic along the hairline. IMPORTANT: Retry on template to make sure it fits properly. Continue to trim where necessary. If the template doesn't fit, your wig will not fit either!